The nature of healing...
There are various reasons why illnesses occur in the body. It may be that a condition runs in the family, or perhaps there are distressing emotions, or maybe the individual has experienced a physical accident. 
Regardless of the reason, healing is a possibility. The important thing is to get to the root of the cause, to release blockages to the the basic flows of the body, and to bring the affected areas into ever-increasing levels of vitality, with the healing techniques. As the affected areas regain strength, proper functioning also returns. 
The combination of methods that I use provide me with a wide array of tools for getting to the source of health problems. Once the source is discovered, then possible solutions become clear. 
This is accomplished through analysis of the person’s medical history, discussion of current symptoms, and the use of various other non-invasive assessment techniques.
The therapies that I use are performed with the client fully clothed, (although with certain techniques, the abdomen and the back may be temporarily exposed). All methods are exceptionally safe, and halachically sound (Jewish Code of Law).
Dietary recommendations are also provided when appropriate, in addition to life coaching, to help the individual understand any emotional, life style, or psychological influences behind the condition.
Ancient Chinese Medicine
Using the Ancient Chinese 5-Element Theory, the source of a problem can be determined. Then, the target areas can be brought into balance using Tui Na, Chinese medical massage:  A gentle but powerful technique that works specific acupuncture points and meridians using the hands instead of needles. The work brings the organs back into strong health and proper functioning, while also clearing emotional and spiritual debris.
Cranial Sacral Therapy
This is a hands-on healing method using light touch. The goal is to address alignment problems, and to release areas of held tension that are affecting the health of the individual. It is also useful to "unwind" the trauma held in the body due to emotions and stress, or for the trauma related to recent injuries, old injuries, dental work or surgery, and back and neck pains.
In addition, this method is excellent for relieving mental and emotional overwhelm. The session tends to leave the person with a profound sense of relaxation, peace and mental clarity, ready to take life's next step.
Abdominal Massage for Infertility and Reproductive Health
This massage is a non-invasive, external technique. It guides internal abdominal organs into their proper position 
for optimum health and well-being. The massage also improves organ function by releasing physical and emotional congestion from the abdomen. 
The technique combines abdominal massage and deep work on the back to correct misalignments, and to repair 
injuries due to falls that have harmed the sacrum and the tailbone. These types of injuries are often a contributing factor in infertility cases, and is commonly a factor in cases of "unidentifiable" fertility problems.
Most common female symptoms relieved by the Abdominal Massage:
Painful or irregular periods
Headaches/ dizziness with periods
Lower back ache
Dark, thick fluids at the beginning and end of the menses,    slow clean-out
Uterine polyps, PCOS, ovarian cysts
Blocked fallopian tubes
Blood clots
Lack of menstruation
Varicose veins
Tired legs, numb feet, sore heels
Painful intercourse
Uterine infections
Frequent urination
Displaced uterus
Hormonal imbalances
Difficult pregnancy & delivery
Chronic Miscarriages
Weak newborn infants
Premature deliveries
Difficult Menopause
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