"I had a problem with my eye closing all the time, which was continually getting worse. During four years I went to many eye specialists, neurologists, reflexologists, acupuncturists and natural healers. Some of them even admitted that there was nothing that we could do. Not one of them was able to help regain control of my eyes until I went to Hannah Roen. She accurately diagnosed my situation and helped me back to a situation where I was not only able to walk without bumping into things and down steps without falling over one I did not see, but now I can even drive my car safely. Amazing!"
- Y.H., Har Nof, Jerusalem
"I am a 52 year-old quadriplegic and I could say that my situation would be much more difficult if I had not started receiving treatment from Hannah. She succeeded in straightening my spine, after many many years when it was extremely twisted. She has been working on my building the health of my internal organs, and I feel so much more comfortable and strong then I have for a long time. Recently Hannah has been using special techniques to rejuvenate my nervous system, and I am actually starting to have feeling in my limbs and spine!
Hannah is a truly great healer and she cares very deeply about her clients.
Thank you Hannah for giving me a quality and comfort in life, that I did not expect to have again."
- E.H, Meyvasseret

"My daughter had severe scoliosis and had to have back surgery fusing her spine.  It took her a long time to heal and it was traumatic, and it interrupted her school time for half a year.  When she went back to school she would complain of the back pain and sometimes she was unable to attend school and just be lying in bed all day.  We were also fearful of the necessity of her carrying any school supplies and riding on the bus as well.
When she got pain treatments from Hannah Roen, she stopped having so much severe pain, and she started drinking special herbal tea every day, which was Hannah's recommendation.  She now pays attention to her movements and is aware of avoiding the things that contributed to her problem. I recommend to any mother that they can safely entrust their child to Hannah's gentle care and wisdom.
We love you Hannah,"
- S.B., Jerusalem

"The medical problems that brought me to Hannah were:
I was treated by Hannah for 3 months. I got the chance to know her as someone very devoted, tender and kind. I also realized that she has a wide scope of knowledge, and vast experience. She is very proficient in her healing abilities, in Cranial Sacral Therapy, and in other techniques. In addition, she was very willing to give ANY help possible, with compassion, and wit. This offered me big improvement in my situation, significant relief, and increased quality of life. Due to my experience, I sincerely recommend to anyone who is suffering from pains and health problems that conventional medicine has not resolved, to consult with Hannah Roen, to receive effective, relaxing, and pleasant treatment."
- G.M., Meyvasseret
"I was having trouble getting pregnant again after my first baby.  After only two of Hannah's magic touch, special care and amazing peaceful sessions, I got pregnant and am now in my 32nd week! I highly recommend Hannah for anyone having fertility challenges. I want to especially add that her treatments were extremely calming and soothing and I felt very cared for. She really spent a lot of time and effort in her sessions but also in her follow-ups and making sure I am doing okay, physically and mentally! Hannah is truly a kind caring soul and I can't wait to have the chance to go to her again - especially as she really helped my carpel tunnel and I know I will need some TLC on my wrist once I am hopefully holding my new baby all the time!! -B.K., Bat Ayin

"As I was going through chemotherapy treatments for cancer recently, Hannah was a great support for me. In the beginning, she helped me incredibly with the burning feeling on my scalp as I started losing my hair.  With each treatment, Hannah cleared out my system of the toxins, so that my experience of side effects was much more mild than that of most people.  She also helped me to stay energized, and gave maintenance to my internal organs. Now that I have finished the treatments, Hannah is helping me to rejuvenate my internal organs and get my strength back up.  In addition, my husband had substantial improvement with his Parkinson's with Hannah's treatments.  We both recommend Hannah as a healer.  She really knows how the body works."
-S. Y., Shoresh

"Hannah Roen has treated me successfully for a wide range of physical problems from foot pain to the after effects of an extensive root canal, as well as for trauma. Her touch is gentle yet effective and her diagnoses are very perceptive. I highly recommend her treatment."
- L.F., Jerusalem

"Hannah Roen is one of the very best healers that I have encountered in the last 20+ years on three continents. Her work is characterized by remarkable dedication, sensitivity, humility and skill. She helped me greatly with an injury to my ribs that at my age could have lingered much longer. She also helped my 11-year old son, very rapidly, with an ankle injury that was compounded by an inept medical approach. On that occasion, I was able to observe her wonderful approach to children. I also wish to note two rare qualities: Due to her modesty, Hannah is very free in referring to other professionals when appropriate and she is very aware of the spiritual side of healing. She possesses and freely shares a real treasure of knowledge of Chinese medicine and related areas, so that working with her is a real learning experience."
- J. G., Jerusalem

"47 years ago, I was in a car accident resulting in serious injuries to my neck, face, jaw, mouth, and teeth. Hannah, the results from your cranial sacral treatments have brought incredible reduction in stress and pain to my left shoulder and neck.  For the first time in all these years I have a feeling of balance and alignment!  Also, I had mentioned to you that my face still felt traumatized as if it had not been properly attended to. As you worked on my face and jaws I relived some of the painful emotions of that time and then I softly cried as those emotions were finally released from the tissues in my face. I am so thankful to you for your skillful and compassionate treatments." 
- S.F., Jerusalem
"I was treated by Hannah Roen during my recent asthma attack. The need for taking steroids had dragged on. I was feeling very wiped out and frustrated that my body wasn't bouncing back. Hannah treated me one time and all I could think of to describe how I felt was that a truck had been removed from my chest. I walked out of her clinic and did not need the steroids at all!"
R.K., Har Nof, Jerusalem
"I came to Hannah a few months ago when I was trying to get pregnant. I had had issues conceiving in the past and this time I wanted to try a natural approach. From our first meeting I was really impressed by Hannah's warmth and professionalism. She really took the time to listen to everything I had to tell her about my various issues. She gave me a totally new perspective on the way the body works and made me think differently about my health.
Hannah also has the magic touch. She  begins her treatment and within minutes I  enter into a deep state of relaxation that leaves me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 
Thank GD, a few months later I did manage to conceive and then I went back to Hannah to deal with my first trimester symptoms of nausea, mood swings, and food aversions. After one session, I woke up the next morning and the symptoms were gone! I was able to eat normally and get through my day without feeling sick or moody. She also really cares about your progress and makes sure to check in with you to see how you're feeling.
Hannah is amazingly talented at what she does and I recommend her to anyone who wants to try a more natural approach to healing. I highly recommend Hannah as a healer."
-T.A., Jerusalem

"I first met Hannah Roen at a workshop she did on the benefits of Chinese medicine to one's health and how it can be helpful in solving different health issues that one might have. At the time, I was having difficulties with digestion and painful periods, feeling a lot of fatigue and tiredness, as well as a systemic Candida issue.  After seeing Hannah for several appointments my digestive problem and painful periods improved greatly and I felt more energized and able to do more throughout my day. She also helped me find herbs in tea form that have helped my Candida. I highly recommend Hannah whether you have a health condition, want to bring more balance into your life, or just want to improve your overall heath and sense of well-being."
- T.F., Jerusalem
"Hannah, Thank you for the amazing tipul today.
I didn't have a chance to tell you about the image I had while you were working on me.  I saw you as one of those people who can unlock a combination lock by listening to the subtle changes in sound.
As you held me, I felt my muscles "unlock".  Afterwards I thought about that analogy/imagery, and thought of massage therapy, especially deep tissue, as taking a sledge hammer to break open the lock...in contrast to your work!"
- L.S. Gezer

"Six weeks ago I had a cold of my bladder resulting in constant urge to go to the bathroom. It was so bad, that when I went to town to do two or three errands, I had to return home after one errand, as I didn't want to use a public facility in town.
After one treatment at Hannah's it cleared up about 80 - 85%. And was I glad about that. I can recommend Hannah's treatment very much. She is very devoted, knowledgeable and gentle."
- G.J. Jerusalem

"Just wanted to tell you that I feel so much better! Not just physically, but also feel so clear in my head and feel inspired. Thank you so much for today and looking forward to next time!"
- N.N., Tel Aviv, (Sent by sms after treatment)
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